Report an Absence

Please call or email the school when your child is going to be absent. Please email  or call before 9:00 am. If it is after 9:00 am you still may receive a phone call due to automatic attendance by the system after this time. 

Desert Willow’s Attendance Clerk
Yesenia Hill

  • Phone number: 879-2303

  • Or use the contact form below

It is required that we record the reason for an absence. We MUST get a reason for the absence from you or the absence is automatically UNEXCUSED. Please note that not all absences (even those called in) are excused.

PLEASE CALL 879-2302 or 879-2303 for TRANSPORTATION/BUS CHANGES Before 1:00 pm DAILY!

Thank you!

You may electronically submit an absence using the form on this page.


For Covid-19 related absences, please call the front office at 879-2302.