Report an Absence

Please call  the school or complete the form online when your child is going to be absent. Please call or complete the online form before 9:00 am. If it is after 9:00 am you still may receive a notification due to automatic attendance by the system after this time. 

Desert Willow’s Attendance Clerk
Amy Wendling

  • Phone number: 879-2303

  • Or use the contact form on this page

It is required that we record the reason for an absence. We MUST get a reason for the absence from you or the absence is automatically UNEXCUSED. Please note that not all absences (even those called in) are excused.

PLEASE CALL 879-2302 or 879-2303 for TRANSPORTATION/BUS CHANGES Before 1:00 pm DAILY!

Thank you!

You may electronically submit an absence using the form on this page.


Regular attendance for each child is required by state law, and is necessary for maximum student growth. Therefore, parents and the school should assume the responsibility for regular attendance.  

Parents/Guardians MUST notify the school attendance office each day regarding the student's absence. You may call the Attendance office at 520-879-2303 in advance or at the time of any absence and leave a message. Attendance may also be submitted via online by visiting our website at  Any notification regarding attendance after the date of absence will be considered unexcused.

When leaving a message/online request, please include: 

  • Student name 

  • Student's teacher 

  • Reason for the absence

  • Parent/Guardian contact name 

Excused absences include illness, medical or dental appointments, funerals/bereavement and family emergencies. Birthdays, vacations and personal days will be considered unexcused absences. 

Absences lasting longer than 3 days requires a doctor's excuse. If we do not receive a doctor's note, the absence will be unexcused. 

Any vacations that result in more than 5 days of absence from school must be approved by school administration before the vacation occurs. Please submit a request via email to Kendra Forgacs at [email protected] at least 48 hours in advance of the vacation. 

Students that arrive at school after 8:00 am must stop in the office to obtain a Tardy Pass to ensure that they are removed from the absence list. Please note, three unexcused tardies equal one unexcused absence

EXCESSIVE ABSENCES: Students absent for 10 Consecutive Unexcused school days shall be withdrawn from school.  

All parents and guardians will be contacted via text regarding any students who have been marked tardy or unexcused absence. Please call our office the same day at 520-879-2303 to excuse the absence. Tardies will be adjusted accordingly. 

Questions regarding attendance can be directed to DWE Attendance Clerk; Amy Wendling at 520-879-2303 or via email [email protected]